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Tooth Extractions in Sterling, VA

When the time comes that you may have to part with your teeth, you can rely on Dominion Dental Care, a family dentistry practice in Sterling, Virginia, for tooth extractions performed with care and professionalism.

In addition to simple tooth extractions, our  dentist also does root canals, which contrary to popular opinion, are no more difficult or painful than having a cavity filled.

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Extracting Teeth in Sterling, VA

When a tooth is decayed or abscessed, it may require removal. Rest assured that we are capable and gentle with tooth extractions in Sterling, Virginia.

As is the case with any form of medicine, dentistry included, the sooner a tooth is treated, in this case with removal, the better. When you notice pain, swelling, or bleeding, come to us for an examination. Our dentist checks your tooth thoroughly and guides you on the best way to proceed.

Tooth Extraction Procedure in Sterling, VA

It is best to remove that troubled tooth before the infection spreads to other teeth. In some cases, it might be necessary to perform a root canal. In any case, we make you comfortable, use anesthesia, professionalism and care when our dentist is extracting teeth.

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Root Canals in Sterling, VA

Our dentist, Dr. Shehzad Sheikh, has taken advanced education courses after dental school to practice endodontics, which deals with root canals. He has performed countless such procedures during his 4 decades in dentistry and reassures you that the pain is minimal.

Sterling, VA Root Canal Procedure

There are many reasons why you might need endodontic treatment. Perhaps your tooth is infected, chipped, tender or sensitive. It could be decayed, broken or damaged in some way. We recommend you call our office in Sterling, Virginia, if you have any of these conditions. A cavity that is ignored for a long time could become serious enough to warrant a root canal.

Root Canal Surgery in Sterling, VA

When the inside of your tooth contains decayed pulp, a root canal is recommended. What happens is that the decayed materials are removed from the tooth, the canal is reshaped, and filler is added to strengthen the tooth.

Extractions & Anesthesia in Sterling, VA

Dominion Dental Care in Sterling, Virginia, performs only simple tooth extractions on adults and children. We will recommend an oral surgeon if your procedure is something we cannot perform in our office in Sterling, Virginia.

We employ conscious sedation in our dental practice, using no nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Patients receive Valium 1 hour before a procedure for which we use a local anesthetic.

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