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TMJ & TMD in Sterling, VA

You suffer from popping sounds and a jaw that gets stuck when opening or shutting your mouth, or severe migraine headaches. As these can be symptoms of TMJ, immediately schedule an appointment with the experienced and knowledgeable  dentist at Dominion Dental Care in Sterling, Virginia.

TMD in Sterling, VA

Some people call it TMJ while others refer to it as TMD. This dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the basis for temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Whatever you choose to call it, it spells pain for many of our patients in Sterling, Virginia.

TMD Symptoms in Sterling, VA

Come to our family dentistry practice for an examination when opening or closing your mouth and you show signs of:

 Pain in Your Face, Jaw Joint, Neck and Shoulders
 Popping Noises 
 Jaws That Lock Up
 Difficulty Chewing
 Facial Swelling 
 Ear and Hearing Problems

TMJ/TMD in Sterling, VA

You many find relief from TMD with home treatments, such as painkillers, hot and warm compresses, and eating soft foods. Becoming aware of certain behaviors can eliminate or lessen pain:

 Try to Avoid Opening Your Mouth Wide. 
 Do Not Yell Or Sing Loudly.
 Use Good Posture.
 Practice Stress Reduction Techniques.

If this does not work, you may require professional assistance from our dentist who has been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Sterling, Virginia, since 2005.

Headache, Treatment for TMJ in Sterling, VA

TMD Treatment in Sterling, VA

Something that helps many of our patients with TMD symptoms is a mouth guard. This plastic mouthpiece prevents you from grinding your teeth, which is one of the causes of this disorder.

Since problems with your teeth may cause or aggravate TMD, replace missing teeth and consider crowns, bridges, and braces to correct a bite problem.

Migraine Therapy for TMJ in Sterling, VA

Severe migraines are a by-product of TMD. This is because a very powerful nerve responsible for the functioning of your jaw and teeth is associated with jaw joint itself. When the jaw joint has problems, this nerve communicates the pain to the brain.

Rely on us to work with you to relieve or eliminate your TMJ symptoms, starting with the simplest treatments before advancing to surgery. However, this may be necessary if all else fails to help.


Contact us today for TMD treatment. We proudly serve Sterling, Ashburn, Leesburg, Lansdowne, Herndon, Dulles, and Great Falls.