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Fillings in Sterling, VA

Patients at Dominion Dental Care in Sterling, Virginia only need to see one dentist for all of their oral hygiene needs—Dr. Shehzad Sheikh. So, when your teeth tell you it is time for fillings, make an appointment with us for family dentistry and a whole lot more, including tooth colored sealants that provide a protective barrier against the bacteria and sugar that causes cavities. An application of sealant is enough to prevent those cavities from damaging your or your children's teeth for several years.

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Dental Fillings in Sterling, VA

Visit our office in Sterling, Virginia, when your teeth have been damaged by dental disease and require restorative dentistry. We combine our decades of experience in dental care with the latest advances in technology, resulting in the best dental care for you and your family!

Sterling, VA Teeth Fillings

Do not wait around when your tooth is hurting due to damage from decay or a fracture. Make an appointment with us now for dental fillings. Our dentist replaces decay with a protective filling that stops the pain.

Tooth Colored Fillings in Sterling, VA

In the old days, amalgam/metal fillings that contained traces of mercury were used to fill your teeth. We are much smarter that that today. Instead, we use porcelain fillings that are safe and free from the metal that distracts from your appearance. Porcelain is to create for realistic, dental fillings that match the color of your teeth. This is really something to smile about!  

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Dental Sealants in Sterling, VA

Your back teeth are designed for chewing, which is why the surfaces are irregular. This works well for chewing, but it does expose your molars to the risk of tooth decay. This is especially a concern for children, which is why dental sealants are so important for your little ones.

Tooth Colored Sealants in Sterling, VA

With dental sealants from Dominion Dental Care in Sterling, Virginia, we protect your children's teeth. Our process is to apply the protective coating to the back teeth and other areas that are vulnerable to cavities. Presto! No more cavities.


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