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Dental Implants in Sterling, VA

At Dominion Dental Care in Sterling, Virginia, we offer you many solutions for the problem of missing teeth. Turn to us for dental implants that provide a firm foundation for replacement teeth or for dentures that offer a comfortable and convenient alternative.

Woman with Dentures, Dental Implants in Sterling, VA

Dentures in Sterling, VA

Our family dentistry practice offers you effective and affordable solutions for missing teeth. Talk with our dentist about the choice that best suits your requirements, including health and budget. We have found that dentures are an excellent cosmetic dentistry option for many of our patients in Sterling, Virginia.

Sterling, VA Partial Dentures

Dentures serve to replace teeth and missing tissue. When you have healthy teeth remaining, choose partial dentures to fill out your smile. These are referred to as a bridge, which is made up of a plastic base that connects replacement teeth to real teeth on either side.

Complete Dentures in Sterling, VA

When all your teeth must be removed, then complete dentures supply natural-looking teeth for eating and speaking. A set of complete dentures can be made in advance and placed when your own teeth are removed. This way, you are not left without teeth.

A second option is to wait until the bones and gums heal before replacing the old teeth with permanent dentures. This choice requires fewer adjustments than with dentures that are fitted immediately after your teeth are removed.

Flexible Dentures in Sterling, VA

There is another option for those requiring partial dentures called Valplast® flexible partials. Made from strong and flexible nylon resin, these partial dentures are malleable, resilient, lightweight. and comfortable. Talk to our dentist at Dominion Dental Care in Sterling, Virginia, to see if this is the best choice for you.

Sterling, VA Implants

For a permanent solution to missing teeth, choose dental implants, which are replacement tooth roots. These offer a firm foundation for replacement teeth, whether they are fixed or removable. We have found that many of our patients in Sterling, Virginia, prefer the permanence and durability of implants.

Dental Implants in Sterling, VA

After a thorough examination and a comprehensive treatment plan, our dentist prepares for surgery. During the procedure, a small titanium post, serving as the tooth root implant, is fitted into the space of the missing tooth. The jawbone grows around the post as it heals, making it a permanent part of your mouth. An abutment is attached to a connector post to secure the new tooth that is topped by a crown. You will love the convenience and confidence of your new permanent smile!


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