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Crowns in Sterling, VA

At Dominion Dental Care in Sterling, Virginia, we are ambitious about your teeth. Health and beauty are our goals with any dental procedure, including crowns and bridges. With damaged and missing teeth, crowns, and bridges provide the structure for a mouth filled with strong and healthy teeth, natural or not. No one will be able to tell.

Dental Bridges in Sterling, VA

A bridge in dentistry does much the same thing as its construction counterpart. It provides a structure that spans a gap. A dental bridge is designed to fill an open space between or beside your teeth.

Types of Bridges in Sterling, VA

Dental bridges prevent teeth from shifting and leading to problems with your bite or jaw and protect your existing teeth. One of 3 types of bridges is used to correct these concerns.

Our dentist puts in a fixed bridge to add a filler tooth to the gap between teeth. On either side of the filler tooth are crowns that attach to the dental bridge and hold it in place.

For missing front teeth, a Maryland bridge is often the best choice. This bridge is made up of filler that is attached to metal bands that are bonded to the teeth. Since the bands are made from tooth-colored resin, the dental bridge looks like your real teeth.

When there are teeth on only one side of the span, a cantilever bridge is the best option. With this procedure, the crowned teeth on one side are connected to a filler tooth to bridge the gap.

Dental Crowns in Sterling, VA

Decayed, damaged or cracked teeth require crowns for dental health. It is hard to chew and talk with a broken tooth, but once we have replaced the old tooth with a porcelain or metal crown, you can eat and talk easily.

Sterling, VA Crowns

Our family dentistry practice makes crowns out of porcelain, gold, acrylic resin, or a mixture of these materials. For the most natural-looking appearance, many people choose porcelain, but it may not last as long as dental crowns made of metal or acrylic. 

Before Bridge, Crowns in Sterling, VA
After Bridge, Crowns in Sterling, VA
Woman Brushing Teeth, Crowns in Sterling, VA

Procedures for Dental Crowns in Sterling, VA

Expect to visit Dominion Dental Care in Sterling, Virginia, 2 to 3 times when you are getting a crown. It usually takes 3-4 weeks for the process, which requires an impression to make the permanent crown. A temporary dental crown covers and protects the space in the meantime.

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