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Bonding in Sterling, VA

Dominion Dental Care, a family dentistry practice in Sterling, Virginia, provides you with multiple options to enhance your smile, among them bonding and veneers. Both offer you a whiter smile through simple and affordable procedures.

Dental Bonding in Sterling, VA

Do not allow stained or chipped teeth to keep you from smiling! Choose cosmetic dentistry to correct these problems. Many of our patients in Sterling, Virginia, select bonding to repair teeth that are decayed, chipped, or broken, to narrow the gap between teeth and even to change the shape.

Dental Bonding Procedure in Sterling, VA

This is a short and simple procedure that yields big benefits. Essentially, what our  dentist does is paints a plastic composite on your teeth to cover stains or fill in the damage. Dental bonding usually takes from 30-60 minutes and is done without anesthesia, except when there is a decayed tooth involved.

Teeth Bonding in Sterling, VA

After choosing a color that matches your own teeth, our dentist prepares the tooth by roughening up the tooth's surface and applying a liquid conditioner. After placing the bonding material on the tooth, it is shaped and smoothed. A laser or ultraviolet light hardens the material, with more shaping, as well as trimming and polishing, to finish the procedure.

Veneers in Sterling, VA

Dominion Dental Care in Sterling, Virginia, changes the appearance of your teeth with custom dental veneers. Made of porcelain or resin composite, these ultra-thin shells cover the front of your teeth to whiten or shape.

Choose dental veneers when your teeth are:
 Shaped Irregularly
 Widely Separated from Other Teeth
   Worn Down
 Out of Alignment
Veneers Before, Bonding in Sterling, VA
Veneers Before, Bonding in Sterling, VA
Smiling Family, Bonding in Sterling, VA

Dental Veneers in Sterling, VA

Plan to visit our office in Sterling, Virginia, a couple of times for this procedure-to consult with our dentist, take an impression of your tooth and apply the veneer. The application requires removing the tiniest of enamel from the tooth's surface. Anesthesia may or may not be required. Once our dentist takes an impression of your tooth, it goes to a laboratory for construction.

Teeth Veneers in Sterling, VA

During your next appointment, the veneer is placed, and checked for color, fit and placement. When we are sure all is as it should be, your tooth is prepared and the veneer is cemented to your tooth for a beautiful smile.


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